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My name is Kyle Hay. 
I have been shipping animals for over 20 years.

Our customers often ask if we are “pet people” or “animal lovers”.  The answer that I usually give is that there as many dogs in my house as there are people.  I have had a dog very day of my life.  My first was named “Crisco”.  He followed me everywhere I went, every day of my childhood.  Now I’m blessed to have “Hannah” an 8 year old Labrador retriever that we call the “puppy princess”.  At home she claims the couch, but her real passion is retrieving ducks!  “Shiloh” is a 115 pound, six year old German shepherd that has absolutely no idea how big he is and is terrified of thunder.  Our newest, “Gunner”, is a 7 month old German shepherd that just got back from basic obedience training.  He is coming along very well!  So yes, I love animals and I love my job!  There is just something about seeing a child reunited with their pet that makes me smile.  That’s why I do it.

David Reed is my partner.  I have known him for over 17 years and if anyone will spoil your pet, he will!  He usually blames it on me, but David is the one that gets to know the pets best.  He takes the dogs on long walks just about every chance he gets!  He has a great attitude, is extremely honest and dependable and always gets things done that no one else could get done. 

Our latest addition to our staff is my wife, Dianna.  Like me, she wants to take ever cute puppy or kitty that comes through our facility home with us.  She takes care of our accounts receivable and payable, when she isn’t off giving someone’s pet a little extra attention.

I guess I should mention our son Brogan as well.  He is only six, but he is a great little helper.  He loves to rename all the pets that transit our facility and cries way too often when it’s time for them to go home.


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